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La Mancha win kits have been on the market since 1981. In a test from 1985/86, La Mancha was compared to other win kits and then won by a wide margin. Originally, all grape juice came from an area of ​​La Mancha district in Spain called Quintanar del Rey. Subsequently, purchases of grape juice to other wine countries and other grape varieties were increased. Garnacha and Tempranillo, typical of Rioja, Riesling for Moselle, Cabernet Sauvignon for Bordeaux and Pinot Noir for Burgundy wines. The wide range should satisfy even the most discerning.

La Mancha grape vines do not need any added sugar. The grape's natural sugar content is enough to get a full-bodied wine with an alcohol content of about 11%. Thanks to the high content of natural grape sugar, you get a quick and efficient fermentation as in most traditional vineyards. In optimum temperature conditions the result is record-breaking - fermentation of 5 days without extra additives as in 7-day wine additives. Otherwise, the fermentation will be completed in 2-3 weeks depending on the season. Some wine kits contain oak extracts to achieve the right character. A storage period of a few months, preferably on oak barrels, significantly improves the taste for red wines and especially for a Rioja.

Bet on La Mancha winning bets if you want to be successful with your home brewing.

Contents: Pastorized conc. grape juice, citric acid E330 and stabilizer SO2 E220. Pure wine yeast, fermentation stop E224, E202 and white wine clearing agent. NOTE! Store in a cool place for longer storage. Vol. 5 lit

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