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GRS Danish oil is used to maintain your GRS laminate flask. Follow this instruction when applying the oil: Use latex gloves or the like to protect your hands as the oil contains wax that is difficult to wash. Remove the end piece and make sure there is no weapon gun. • Best results are achieved if the system and pipes are removed from the flask. • Check that the flask is dry and clean. If the plunger is wet, the moisture can be closed under the layer of oil and damage the laminate. • Shake the bottle for two minutes, the wax in the oil must be mixed well to achieve the best results. • Using a cloth, apply a thin layer of oil and let it pull in for 2 minutes. If the oil is sucked in completely in some areas add more oil there. • Wipe off all excess oil and make sure all drips are removed otherwise they will cure. • Burn the trays, they can self-ignite if left unrolled. • Allow the flask to dry at room temperature (12 hours, 20 cages) before applying the next layer. • For best results, rub the surface between the oil layers with sandpaper grain size 220-320. • Two layers of oil are usually enough. The oil is linseed-based and all the rags used must be burned when they can otherwise ignite. We take no responsibility whatsoever when using GRS Danish Oil.

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