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GRS Bifrost riflestock

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NEW 2018

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GRS has always been a leader in the development of innovative products, and now proudly presents the next generation of gunwalls. GRS Bifrost comes with even more setup options and many smart little details. After the success with Berserk, GRS received inspiration to manufacture more composite pistons and also to manufacture the new SpeedLock II adjustment system, which is both stronger and comes with more adjustment options.

The new GRS Bifrost (from the bridge leading the ground to Asgård in Norwegian mythology) is stronger, lighter and more versatile than any other GRS piston so far.

The piston itself is made of glass fiber reinforced composite with rubber surface on the grip and front for full control in all modes. With the new GRS SpeedLock II, the following can be adjusted:

• LOP (Length of Draw, Length of Shutter)

• Height of child support

• The height of the backrest

• Sloping laterally on the back cover

The stock is prepared for picatinny ice skates on both front and back stock. Two pieces are included.


• Weight 1.35 kg

• Ergonomic grip with black rubber surface

• GRS Limbsaver Airtec back cover

• Prepared for the Versapod spigot

• Prepared for Picatinny rays (2 pieces included)

• Flushcups for bracket mounting bracket (supplied)

• The rear cover can be tilted in 5 ° increments

• 30-65% glass fiber reinforced composite

• GRS SpeedLock II adjustment system

• Brown or green color

• Recommended torque wrenches 5.2 nm


Q2 is released to the following models:

• Tikka T3 / T3X RH
• Remington 700 LA RH
• Remington 700 SA RH
• Savage 10/12/16 RH
• Mauser M98 RH

Q3 to its models:

• Savage 110 RH
• Howa 1500 SA RH
• Husquarna 1900 / Zoli RH
• Tikka T3 / T3X LH
• Blower R8 RH

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