UV-light Complete kit Trustfire WF-501B UV-light Complete kit Trustfire WF-501B UV-light Complete kit Trustfire WF-501B

Testa dina jaktkläder och fiskedrag!

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HUNTING: A UV lamp is something man like hunters and fishermen have a great advantage of owning! With UV light, you easily test your hunting clothes and see if the fabric reflects and "lights up" on it. If the clothes do, do the wisest of choosing other clothes because many animals have a vision that also uses UV light. Clothes that respond to UV light make the animals look like light blue, no matter how nice the camouflage is. Results will be totally wrong for you if the fabric is not UV-dead! Instead, you look extremely clear to the animals where you are sitting and are light blue. The effect gets worse and worse the worse the light will be. So you want to be sure your clothes are what you want to believe, buy a UV lamp and check everything you're going to use and pick it up that lights up in the light of the lamp! When buying clothes, take the lamp and light on them before purchase! Your hunt will in many cases be better off this knowledge!

FISHING: The UV lamp is a great complement for you like fishermen, lights on your moves, flies, puzzles and see which contains UV-sensitive colors. UV in traits is nothing strange but many times an advantage, which makes the bait clearer to the fish. Nevertheless, you do not always want it. Easily choose and easy for you to understand more and make choices for what works at the moment!

Model: WF-501B

Led lamp: 1x CREE Q4 led

Max Output: 1000 lumens

Battery: 1x18650

Features: Available Features: 5 Strengths: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS 3 modes: High, Low, Strobe 1 Mode: High (On / Off)

Power: 3.6 ~ 4.2V (maximum)

Reflector: Brushed aluminum

Length: 136mm

Dimension: 136 x 29mm

Material: Aluminum Anodized

Lens tempered glass

Content Kit:

UV Flashlight Trustfire WF-501B (CE, FC)
Charger: Trustfire TR-002 220V (CE, FC)
Battery: Trustfire TF 18650 3.7V Li-ion (CE, FC)

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