PS Gammarus 2 Black

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Winter Fly Gammarus Black Size 10. In winter it is most prey very inactive on the seabed.
But there Gamarus shrimp in the water you fish are almost exclusively those you find in the fish's belly. The shrimp will continue during the winter right on the shallow waters of the lake and is therefore an attractive and easy prey for the fish even during the winter. It makes a winter fly that imitates a Gamarus shrimp are often the most effective choice of bait in these waters.
Ice fishing with fly in winter is an old and proven way to increase the catch. Even the most sluggish winter fishing can often show an explosive interest in these small baits. You can feel free to tackle with several birds at the same time, the effect you wait for the rod tip is then often not many minutes away.
Gammarus series built on Mustakrokar to withstand heavy use and is really sharp.

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