2x Shaker Singel Stingertackel 5cm #8 WMC

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Model: 2x Shaker Concept Blind Singel 5cm x 1WMC #8

Shaker Concept Fire Ball is a stitching tack made of wire and fitted with welded WMC three hooks. They are available in several different lengths and designs to suit many different sizes of rubber bites.

No shallow screws or spikes are mounted basically on them, these you can choose for yourself and adapt to the appearance of the rubber. Spikes are a bit of a good idea, usually it's good to just insert the three hook into the surface of the body. Made of soft, follow-up wire that does not affect the rubber's movement.

These rigs are primarily designed to fit most of the sizes and needs of lake fishing for pike, gosh, perch etc with jigg.

Choose the model and size as needed from 5cm to 16cm. With single or double hook.

Use shallow screw with spring ring to fish for shallow water or fastened in jig skull with spring ring for deeper fishing.

The models with only one hook are also nice to tackle small fish with and often efficiently where there is big trout in ducts, etc. Stick the wire through the fish through the anale and out through the mouth, use a plain thin annealed iron wire stuck through the skull and spin on the side. In this way, you get a sturdy attachement that looks natural and can be thrown out in the stream!

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