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THERMOTIC® Dog Heating Pad

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A newly developed heating mat from Thermotic in neoprene.
Heats very effective dog in all weather conditions, but is most effective in really bad weather as severe cold, wind, sleet, rain and damp weather conditions. Excellent as a sleeping mat indoors, in the cage in the car, hut, etc. fits most dog cages.
The self-heating effect is obtained by värmefodrets micro cells which are heated by the dog's own body heat, thereby forming a very hot insulation, whether it is wet or dry.
Excellent for example, hunting, fishing, mountain tour, car, boat, dog crate, indoors or at all where the dog needs to be on the hot surface.
Neoprenvärmefoder, heat much better than other materials in both wet and dry.
Heavily outer shell of carbon coated polyester
Hydro, wind, oil and dirt
Prevents pressure sores
Thin and flexible
Dries very quickly
Very light, weighs only 50-100 grams (depending on size)
Fits most dog cages
Swedish design and manufacture of Thermotic.
Available in the color black
Price: from 245 SEK
- 30x45 cm S (Chihuahua, mini, cat)
- 50x75 cm M (tex.Tax, Beagle, Terrier, Hound)
- 70x100 cm L (eg. German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Mastiff)

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