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Dovrefjell snow camo water/Windproof

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Dovrefjell from Norway!

Popular Dovrefjell hunting suit with snow camouflage for men and women!

Dovrefjell is Norway's most popular hunting clothing with more than 20 years of experience. In Dovrefjell hunting suits, quality and tradition are combined with the latest technology. They are available in a comprehensive range of men's and women's models - with suitable Nordic measurements!

Dovrefjell hunting suits made for the Nordic hunting terrain and are full of technical advancement. With more than 20 years of Norwegian professionalism!

Dovrefjell Snow Camo hunting suit

Dovrefjell Snow Camo hunting suit is a winter hunting suit designed to give durability and function to Nordic hunters. In terms of design and cut, it is good for our Nordic requirements. Dovrefjell snow suit is of course water and windproof.

Dovrefjell Snow Camo is a pleasant and reliable hunting partner in all weathers. The fabric is velvety soft but still durable and light. The suit does not rustle, you can move quietly in demanding situations!

Kings® Snow Camo Fading snow camo pattern

The fantastic Kings® Snow Camo lumicamo pattern effectively hides you in the Nordic snow terrain. In addition to good camouflage, it combines excellent performance integrated with the best materials for perfect functionality!

10K Active = Wind and waterproof membrane

The Dovrefjell hunting suit has a 100% waterproof membrane that ensures that you stay warm and dry in wind and cold. The water column value for the optimal membrane is 10,000 mm, which keeps the water out but still allows sweat fumes to pass through.

Optimal ventilation / breathing technique

Over the years, Dovrefjell hunting suits have been developed under the demanding conditions in the fjord country. The 10K Active membrane has optimal technical air circulation which means that it actively releases water vapors through the fabric. The hunting ground all vital seams are of course taped with the very latest technology.

Flexible and quiet surface material

The velvety Smooth Operator surface-treated fabric is very comfortable and quiet. The Smooth Operator surface treatment also rejects dirt and water.

Nordic Fit Nordic fit

All Dovrefjell hunting suits are made with the Nordic Nordic fit model. The Nordic Fit dimension is a very well-fitting model dimension developed for Nordic body shape. The hunting ground also has very versatile adjustment options.

YKK® Tractor ZIP Large tooth.

All Dovrefjell hunting suits have a two-way YKK® zipper of high quality. The larger toothed YKK® zipper opens and closes more easily than the corresponding smaller toothed zipper. The large-toothed YKK® zipper is also more durable.

JAKT Journal (9/2021) Test winner:


"A warm, dry and affordable hunting suit with many practical details."


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* High quality and technical lumicamo hunting suit

* With more than 20 years of experience and professionalism from Norway

* For late autumn and all winter for small game and high game hunting

* Good outdoor clothing also for outdoor life during the winter, snowmobiling and more.

* Kings® Snow Camo Fading snow camo monster gives you effective camouflage.

* 10K Active Membrane Wind and waterproof membrane

* Optimal ventilation / Breathing technique

* FABRIC: Smooth Operator silent surface material

* Lining 100% polyester mesh fabric

* Nordic Fit Nordic size measurements

* YKK® Tractor ZIP large toothed two-way zipper

* Three specially designed VHF phone pockets and antenna holder

* Unique jacket with internal VHF radio pocket that completely protects your VHF radio

* Adjustable waterproof and windproof removable hood with its own lip

* Plenty of adjustment options and technical details

* Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL (see size chart)


Strong two-way YKK® Tractor ZIP hidden with tab Large-toothed tractor zipper. High adjustable collar with simple drawstring and detachable hood at the back. The hood is wind and waterproof and adjustable at the back for a perfect fit.

There are 6 pockets on the outside of the jacket: Both (2) lower pockets can be closed with protective lids with snaps and zippers. Both sides of the hand pockets can be closed with a zipper and protective cover. The upper pockets on both sides mean that, for example, the VHF phone or mobile phone can be kept protected from snow during the hunt, either to the right or left. When the VHF radio is in the upper pocket, the antenna can stick out and move freely!

There are 2 pockets inside the jacket: a chest pocket with zipper on the left with a lid and a VHF radio pocket on the bottom left. The upper left has an antenna mount for use with a long antenna. The unique VHF phone pocket inside the jacket effectively prevents it from getting wet during the hunting day.

The jacket can be tightened with quick fasteners at the waist and bottom edge. Ventilation joints are closed in both armpits with a zipper and Velcro. The jacket's sleeve end can be easily tightened with Velcro.


Two (2) front pockets with zippers. Two (2) large thigh pockets with snap closure. Soft zipper at the back. Ventilation openings are closed with drafts

Belt loops for a maximum of 60mm wide belt. The trousers have stretch at the waist for a comfortable fit with an elastic band that can be tightened with velcro fastening. Buttons at the waist for using braces.
The waist pants are raised at the back from the belt line to cover the lower back so that the back is not exposed when squatting. The end of the trouser leg can be tightened with Velcro straps over the shoe.

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Membrane care: Use Hey Sport Tex Wash &
Membrane rinse aid Hey Sport Impra Wash-In
* Wash at max + 40C in water
* NEVER use ordinary fabric softener (clogs the membrane), only those adapted for membrane clothing
* NOTE: NEVER DRY IN DRYERS, destroy the membrane! (Drying takes place on a hanger at room temperature)
* No dry cleaning
* NEVER use bleach
* NEVER iron with an iron
* The outfit is not a firefighter's work suit, so avoid sparks when you are by a campfire!
The product has a 1-year (12-month) warranty against manufacturing or material defects.

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