Swedteam Ridge Pro M - Jacket

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Short and slightly tighter jacket in the new, unique camouflage pattern DESOLVE® Veil.

With Ridge Pro, you get a jacket that fits most hunting opportunities, but is especially good for active hunting. Made in a quiet material and equipped with COVERTEX® for protection against water and wind. The jacket has many special pockets adapted for both right and left shooters. Something tighter fit.

Color: Camo

Size: 46-60


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester
  • Membrane: 100% polyurethane
  • Inner lining: 100% polyester

Layer: 3


  • The jacket produces minimal noise
  • The jacket helps the wearer to melt into nature
  • The jacket is waterproof
  • The hood can be switched on and off as needed
  • The jacket has several functional pockets
  • The jacket breathes and has a membrane on the inside that permeates water vapor
  • The jacket is windproof

Covertex - Swedteam`s proprietary membrane with high performance properties for wind and water protection and good breathability.

Desolve Camouflage - A revolutionary camouflage pattern designed with the focus of animals. Desolve Camouflage mixes big and small pixels, which in combination with high contrasts break up your body shape and make you invisible at all distances. Available in 3 variants; Veil, Fire and Zero.

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