About the company Swedteam AB

They manufacture and market clothing for...

Hunting, wilderness and recreation focusing on hunting.

Main market is Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Products are intended for...

People who engage in hunting-, wilderness and recreational activities which demand functional and resistant garments protecting from wet, wind and cold.

Swedteam clothing must have high function- and product quality, good design with good fit. The consumer should experience the garments as modern, interesting, add value and still be affordable.

Swedteam products must be characterized by the use of textile materials, which provides excellent functional properties. These properties shall be purchase points for the knowing and demanding user.

We will sell complete garments, be responsible for product development, collection structure, manufacturing, sales, stocks and distribution.

Retail/purchasers should pick us as supplier because of our functional and high quality products in the mid to high price range, honest and service-oriented treatment and fast and safe delivery support.

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