Lemigo Grenlander EVA, Grenlader lätt och varm Innerskon in Greenlander plockas lätt ut för att Grenlander EVA -30C Grenlander EVA -30C Grenlander EVA -30C

Grenlander EVA -30C

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Grenlander is the base boot in the selection of EVA models Lemigo. This shoe manage to keep you warm at -30C. The model is used extensively and freezing is difficult and rare unless it isn't extremely cold. The shoe is super lightweight, have removable inner boot that folds over the shaft so it is not depressed when taking on. Its a very comfortable and nice shoe that does not feel on the foot because it is feather light. The sole is a little softer than normal shoes and gives a surprisingly good grip as long as there isn't only ice on the road. This shoe is very popular with those who once got to try them. The inner shoe is made of insulating syntet material that dries quickly. In order to increase the insulation further it has a layer of aluminum entered in the lining that reflects the heat. To all Lemigo EVA models, new inner bootie can be purchased if they are worn out. EVA material has the highest insulating capacity of the materials used in the production of shoes while the weight is only about 1/3 compared with other materials.
Grenlander keeps you warm and dry in all conditions. A perfect shoe for you who often sits quietly on the stand hunting for wild boar, fox, hunts moose during the fall / winter, enjoy snowmobiling and fishing. We often use this shoe on active hunting in the fall, light-footed, easy to sneak in.
EVA is additionally a material that is easy to fix if it happens to get an injury. Clear and apply some quick glue, it is fixed.

Color: Green

Size: 39 - 47

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