Z-aim OCS Series Elektronisk Digital Viltvåg 500kg, slaktutrustning, Rejäla krokar med Hängvåg  fär slakt och entreprenad, Z-aim Digital OCS scale 500kg 220V Slaktvåg med bästa test

Z-aim Digital OCS scale 500kg

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Z-aim electronic digital game scales 500 kg (OCS) with high precision. Tested in Hunting Journal with highest result = 5 Bucks. Best seller for several years time!

We ourselves lacked a really good game wave with high capacity at reasonable price in the Swedish market. We searched for a long time to find the right wave that can weigh all our bigger game: moose, deer, wild boar, bear in full body and down to the meat lot at the split.

The hanging wave has a very clear LCD display so you can see the numbers from far away. The scale is very easy to use, easy to reset, tare etc. Automatic hibernation when not in use. Overload alarms.

Shows the weight in kilos and hectares. With this 500 kg game scales you do not have to split moose / bear / boar before weighing.

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery gives it a very good operating time of about 100 hours. Comes with wall charger.

Also suitable for weighing in agriculture, workshop etc. Equipped with powerful hooks with safety locks. Accuracy Class III - (margin of error is 200 g at 500 kg) It comes with a calibration tool, don't use it - you can't do it better than it is because it will be calibrated.

With a really good wave you can easily weigh all the animals and for example keep a book from year to year. Interesting to see if the average weights decrease or increase over time.

It also becomes easy to weigh meat that you have to sell to private individuals or animals that are sold further as a whole body to the slaughterhouse.

A very good investment that combines the benefit with the pleasure, do not guess how heavy the moose bull was! Instead of believing, you know after weighing that it actually weighed 379 kg!

The scale builds 33 cm when hanging.

The company that manufactures the scales for us has been building scales since 1917 and is known for the precision and high quality of its scales!

Note, several are trying to sell the "same" wave that is not.

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