Viltstängsel, HotZone, viltåker, jaktutrsutning Viltstängsel, HotZone, viltåker, jaktutrsutning Viltstängsel, HotZone, viltåker, jaktutrsutning

Hot Zone Deer Exclosure System

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The Hot Zone Deer Exclosure System is a complete kit that allows you to manage browse pressure on your food plots to ensure maximum plot success. Over browsing can cause a limited plot production or even complete plot failure.

Protect your investment of time, money and labor in plot establishment. Maintain control over when deer can access any particular food source. Once a food plot reaches proper maturity and can withstand heavy browse pressure the system can be easily be deactivated to allow deer in.

Protects up to a 1/2 acre
System sets up and takes down quickly
Includes all components except 12 volt deep cycle battery
Integrated solar charging system allows for use in remote area
Dual perimeter electrification reliably deters deer with minimal material investment

Food Plot Facts
Key to wildlife management
Increasingly used by hunters across the country
Likely to fail due to heavy browsing
Huge investment of time and money
Protect Your Investment
You have spent a lot of money and time building your food plot. You’ve bought seed, fertilizer, lime, herbicide, fuel and equipment.
You’ve spent hours plowing, discing and planting. If you don’t take the final step and protect your investment with a Hot Zone Deer Exclosure System, all your time and money could be wasted.


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