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New Update - Tracker Hunter 4!

This app for Android and Iphone along with a Tracker GPS dog mirror gives you the market's most complete system for efficient and accurate tracking of both dog and hunting partners.

Tracker for Android and Iphone is an app designed for hunting, rescue, geocaching, navigation and many other outdoor activities.

The new update also included some new features:

Tracker Easy makes it quick and easy for you to add a brand new transmitter with a QR code that is preprinted on the carton.
Tracker Safety is a patented feature that increases your hunting safety. You can now anonymously see all nearby tracker users in a radius of 2 km. For this, you do not need to have the user registered in your software. What's needed is that all who see and see will enable Tracker safety in their Tracker app. You will not get information about who you are looking without just being there. A feature for everyone's safety.
Stand alarm for standing bird dogs.
updated maps.
Message when new software is available to sender.
Line from you to the target is now an optional feature.
Distance circles of the selected object.

Here are some features of the Hunter 4 app:

Track an unlimited number of dogs, in real time down to 3 sec intervals.
Peel an unlimited number of other "mobile users".
Automatic transmission and reception of positions - no position request required.
Call the dog neckband and listen via the quick dial.
Shell indicator updates with at each position on the status bar and track.
Unlimited tracking distance thanks we send mobile.
Automatic map download where you are located.
Offline maps in areas with poor network coverage.
Unique group feature to share your goals, borders, waypoints, etc.
Is played the hunt directly on your mobile or online in web tracking on your computer.
Position indication via GPRS, down to every 3 seconds.
SMS tracking if required.
Area, stand and shell alarm with multiple settings.
Marking of waypoints, such as shooting places, passports, etc.
Navigation, the Distance Tool and much more.
Compass directly in the map view shows a large compass when you click on the symbol.
Check the distance to your target with sophisticated distance measurement tools.
Draw route or a polygon as a hunting area or area for rescue.
Information about your own position, such as speed, height, direction, GPS, GSM, etc.
Tracker has also come with unique group features:

Create a group with your friends and share senders, waypoints, lines or routes, etc.
track your friends and dogs and see each other on the map
higher security during hunting and searching due to real-time overview of the course of events.
chat within the group, without SMS charges.
As an administrator, you determine the terms of the group.

Examples of uses and more involved:

Hunting team, share the joy with your hunting friends.
Find out more information about the events and security.

(Note: All features have not yet come to the Iphones app, but the app will be updated to the autumn's hunt!)

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