Edelstahl Thermostatkessel 70 Liter

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Digital thermostat-controlled stainless steel kettle suitable for many purposes like crayfish cooking, catering dog food, horn boiler, scalding poultry etc. In summer cabins without running water kettle is a very good option as the water heater for washing / shower water, select the desired water temperature so it is held.

Can be used as the horn maker to elk, deer, wild boar, deer. If you want to you can cheering from the pages älghornen so that you can put on the lid and if the aim is solely use the horn maker height can be cut down.

Made entirely of stainless steel housing for maximum durability and hygiene. Good construction with the outer casing, punched cover to your water heater and an interior of the lift-pans.

Very easy to use with on / off and knob for desired temperature setting. Termostatsyrning ensures an even temperature. LED indicator clearly shows when the device is turned on and the indicator that shows when the desired set temperature is reached.

Easy to clean - equipped with a drain valve.

The heating element is protected by a removable grille

Ships with Bussgods / Bring


Voltage 220v-240v

power 2.5kw

capacity 120L

Weight 19kg

Size: 450 * 450 * 615mm

Material Stainless Steel

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