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O'Gorman's Long Distance Call Lure (2 oz.)

O'Gorman's Long Distance Call Lure is........Coyote Armageddon.  This is the most famous of the long distance musk calls.  Over 147,710 ounces sold in just the last 23 years.  Its sales are as consistent as its performance.  Calls all predators.  So deadly attractive to cats you don't dare use it in cat habitat except during cat season.  Deadly, anywhere, anytime.  It is more attractive than any other long distance call on the market.

State of the art odor amplifiers have been encapsulated into this compoud to enhance long range delivery.  Fixatives are incorporated to prevent fading of odors and to guarantee a consistent dense long range scent cone.  Predator attractants designed as competition power to give longliners and hi-rollers the competitive edge.  Very effective down to 0 degrees fahrenheit.

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