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Action Camera HD

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Action Camera 720HD

 This Action Camera is really simple to use- just press start and you'r and the recording is ON.


1)  True HD 1280*720@30fps, not software Interpolation,  Video with Audio.

2)  Duralumin shell with Acrylic lens, 64g ONLY
3)  Built-in rechargable Lithium battery, working at least 2.5 hours
4)  Workable as HD720P web camera
5)  Extendable up to 32G Micro SD card (not included)
6)  Recording while charging, selectable function
7)  Cycling Record selectable, automatic overwrite from previous file when memory is full
8)  Car record model selectable. Record when car engine starts, save then stop when engine stops.
Total automatically, driving free!
9)  Hands-free, suitable for sports like cycling, riding, hunting, surfing, boating , etc.
Can easily be mounted on helmet, bike, Moto, boat, shotgun, car, or anywhere else, bringing your hands real FREE!

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